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It's difficult to find bed bugs, let alone exterminate them. Bed bugs are small and quick, making it easy for them to scurry away before you can turn on the lights. If you think you might have bed bugs, get professional help.

Let the experts at Gateway Thermal Solutions, LLC in Saint Charles & St. Peters, MO handle your needs. We offer bed bug solutions for both residential and commercial properties, including:

Apartment buildings
College dormitories
Community shelters
Health care facilities
Movie theaters
Office buildings
Retail stores
Day care centers
Senior living centers

We'll inspect every inch of your property to ensure the infestation is taken care of. Call 314-488-7559 today to schedule bed bug solutions.

Take a closer look at our heat treatments

Do you feel uneasy about using strong chemicals to get rid of bed bugs? Some pesticides are harmful to pets and the environment, so we don't blame you. That's why we'll rely on bed bug heat treatments to eradicate the infestation. Instead of coating your place with strong pesticides, we'll use high heat to kill the bugs. You'll find that this method provides effective bed bug pest control.

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3 reasons to choose Gateway Thermal Solutions

Count on the pros at Gateway Thermal Solutions for your bed bug treatment needs. You'll appreciate working with us because our company:

1. Has over 30 years of experience
2. Provides a 60-day warranty
3. Is locally owned and operated

We also provide a 10% discount to senior citizens, veterans, military personnel and first responders.

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10% Off For Senior Citizens, Veterans, Military and First Responders

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Comprehensive Bed Bug Treatments in St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding areas.

In the hierarchy of household pests, bed bugs are at the top of the nuisance list. Not only are they found in a wide variety of locations from hotels to homes, but they usually occur around or near where people sleep. Our goal at Gateway Thermal Solutions is to eradicate bed bug infestations from your home or business by providing a variety of effective treatment options.

With over 30 years of experience, our experts have the knowledge and skills to eliminate bed bugs in just one visit, giving you peace of mind and saving you a lot of time and money in the process. We're committed to delivering the best pest control specialists around, which is why we're proud to serve St. Louis and the surrounding areas. To find out more information about our bed bug company, give us a call today!

Over 30 Years of Experience

Over 30 Years of Experience

60-Day No-Fault Warranty

60-Day No-Fault Warranty

Locally Owned and Operated

Locally Owned and Operated

Bed bug treatment

While other bed bug companies may need to return to your home several times before declaring your home free of infestation, Gateway Thermal Solutions offers a 60-Day No-Fault Warranty that guarantees the complete eradication of bed bugs in just one visit! We use the latest technology and equipment to solve your bed bug issue quickly. Our tried and true methods clear out infestations both large and small, leaving no trace of pests behind.

Effective heat treatments

Gateway Thermal Solutions uses a state-of-the-art bed bug heat treatment to kill bed bugs and eggs in just one day. Our discrete, services use an energy-efficient unit to heat the affected area to a temperature that insects can't survive. Results are 100% guaranteed, which is one of the many reasons that our bed bug company is among the most trusted in town!

Why choose us?

When you work with the pest control experts at Gateway Thermal Solutions, you get the benefit of over 30 years of professional extermination experience. We're so confident in the quality and scope of our bed bug heat treatment services that we guarantee your home will be free of bed bugs in just one visit! Give us a call today to find out more about our 60-Day No-Fault Warranty!

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Serving St Charles, St Louis and surrounding areas

Serving St Charles, St Louis and surrounding areas

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Mon - Sun: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
After hours by appointment only.